INLAND promotes the production and marketing of agricultural and art products made in the villages with which it cooperates by artists or collectives that wish to make a living from the land. As source for participatory financial self-supporting activity, it promotes direct sale, local marketing and community supported arts and agriculture mechanisms.

Currrently, INLAND is producing :

– Olive oil and other olive products from the ancient groves at Mallorca mountains range where the Elemental School of Crafts.

– Wine “La Union”, made for INLAND as part of the project of bringing together small winemakers from Labastida, La Rioja Alavesa.

– Cheese from the Shepherds School.

These products are marketed combined with original and/or limited series of artworks by different artists as a way to sustain the structure.


INLAND has set up a loan scheme where small amounts of capital are lent at low interest to peer initiatives to start or develop their own projects. Once returned, these amounts are available for other applicants. Currently a credit of near 15.000 € has been granted to develop local production, elaboration and direct marketing of products from ancient olive groves in the mountains of Mallorca.

Access to Land

INLAND has a database of land offered by local partners for aligned art and rural initiatives

INLAND acts as  intermediary between local partners and applicants and  elaborates the conditions with the person or entity interested in finding a use for these abandoned farms, villages and plots of land. It organizes and evaluates interested applicants by providing advice and training in the preparation and implementation stages of the project.

INLAND offers as well the possibility of marketing the produce of these newly installed rural cells.

The agreements for access vary from place to place, and can take the form of land leases at no cost, low rent or funding schemes once a solid and feasible proposal is put together and approved jointly with the local partner.