Study Group

This research group called “Ecologies: New Territories and Landscapes in Contemporary Culture” started in 2013 as a moment of evaluation and self-reflection to guide future steps of INLAND. It counts with the support of arts institution Matadero Madrid and consists of a group of around 15 cultural practitioners selected after an open call. The study group has monthly sessions over 2–3 days of which the first part is an internal discussion over a self-assembled reader of relevant texts, usually followed by a guest speaker presentation and debate, and a day of work in the New Garden Of Dahlias Experimental Urban Plot or a field visit to an interesting case of land use surrounding Madrid city.

The main areas of focus are post-human / new environmentalist thinking, landscape theory, applied agroecology, rural and peasant studies in the light of post colonialist theory, the economic and social conditions of art under post-fordism and possible forms of art and social change.

The study group has developed its own agency, writing collective papers, re-locating the internal discussion to different public contexts and co-curating part of INLAND’s artists-in-villages commissions programme

To know more about the Study Group  visit its blog here


INLAND Publishing is commissioning new works or translating contemporary texts into Spanish. It has launched the “Field notes” series, printing three titles as basic reference materials for analysis and intervention in the countryside.

Forthcoming books include INLAND Volume, being prepared  with artists of Dutch Arts Institute – Publishing Class and Werkplaats Typografie students, in collaboration with INLAND Study Group and other contributors.

Read more and acquire Field Notes here.


You can also find our work by INLAND through the medium of sound, programs of diverse content are periodically streamed from the CAR here.

Discussions / Open Fora

INLAND organises regular public events that bring together experts from different fields and members of the public to open discussion about issues relevant to INLAND’s field of action.

The scope, dimension and nature of these fora vary in relation to to the context and subject explored. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated of future events.