Study Group

This research group called “Ecologies: New Territories and Landscapes in Contemporary Culture” started in 2013 as a moment of evaluation and self-reflection to guide future steps of INLAND. It counts with the support of arts institution Matadero Madrid and consists of a group of around 15 cultural practitioners selected after an open call. The study group has monthly sessions over 2–3 days of which the first part is an internal discussion over a self-assembled reader of relevant texts, usually followed by a guest speaker presentation and debate, and a day of work in the New Garden Of Dahlias Experimental Urban Plot or a field visit to an interesting case of land use surrounding Madrid city.

The main areas of focus are post-human / new environmentalist thinking, landscape theory, applied agroecology, rural and peasant studies in the light of post colonialist theory, the economic and social conditions of art under post-fordism and possible forms of art and social change.

The study group has developed its own agency, writing collective papers, re-locating the internal discussion to different public contexts and co-curating part of INLAND’s artists-in-villages commissions programme

To know more about the Study Group  visit its blog here