Adopt a lamb to ensure the herd at Casa de Campo park in Madrid

With this adoption you can go with the shepherd and choose the lamb for you to care, and give it the name that you prefer. You will receive a certificate, and you can visit it in the following years to see how it grows, while visiting the summer pastures in the mountains and at the Casa de Campo park in Madrid during the autumn and winter. We also give you an artisan goat’s milk cheese.

We want the new lambs born this year at the Casa de Campo to remain as breeding stock for the flock to continue in the future. They are the first urban flock, and with them we maintain a culture, an economy and a local breed adapted to the environment and in danger of extinction, which is the Rubia del Molar.

Campo adentro is a non-profit organization that carries out, for example, a free School of Shepherds. Together with Los Apisquillos we faces this year’s payment to the city council for the access to the grazing field at the Casa de Campo park, which is 6000 E. We believe that it is important to bring the countryside closer to the citizens.

There are also other ways to support :

Signing up for the Shepherd School :
Adopting a sheep ( transhuman adult) 30 E
And by buying the flock’s agro-ecological products – such as artisan cheeses : 
Goat cheese:  18euros/kg
Goat yogurt: 865gr: 4 euros
                400gr: 2,50 euros
We also have goat’s milk cheeses that we offer in assortments:
assortment of 3 cheeses: 6 euros (Provence herbs, paprika and natural)
assortment of 5 cheeses: 10 euros (provence herbs, paprika, natural, curl and blue rullillo).
Buying a suckling lamb from the herd : 100 E

You can email us

If you do not have paypal you can pay by transfer or in cash at our Madrid headquarter, C/ Buen Gobernador 4.