Practical handbook for local agro-ecological mobilisation – Field notebook N-3 –

Title: «Practical handbook for local agro-ecological mobilisation»
Authors: Daniel Lopez y Guillem Tendero
Pages: 165
Language: Spanish
Agroecology and Food Sovereignty are expanding rapidly because they propose a way of life that counters the collapse of capitalist and urban industrial society. A proposal that translates into various various alternative economies based on agricultural production , as well as small agroecological research, promotion and education initiatives.This manual aims to become a tool for the agroecological transition of the diverse territories of the Spanish state. It stems from a seminar which gathered people  from the Alliance for Food Sovereignty of Catalunya and the Institute of Governance and Public Policy of the University of Barcelona amongst others. Based on the results of this seminar, the authors propose a series of practical tools that contribute to the consolidation and expansion of the many agroecological initiatives alive today in rural and peri-urban territories.


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