ISLARIO vol. 4


137 pages
This issue begins with a discussion of political ecology and struggles for territory. It takes a contemporary artistic approach and reflects on the art system and looks at the intersection of art with the planet.

In the midst of an escalating global climate crisis, with harmful changes in biodiversity, and increased pollution, Islario seeks to share texts that cultural producers should orient their works towards, adjusting to a new global economic environment which continues to intensify these environmental urgencies.
Those who participate in addressing these climate issues can be thought of as artists who are orienting themselves towards overcoming limits between subjects versus objectives of research.  This research includes localized forms and deeply involved projects that seek to understand the place and role of art within environmental issues and the ecological degredation that has been displayed by all regions of the world.  The issue presents theoretical frameworks that incorporate anthropological themes of posthumanism from racialized identities and Anthropocene.