Rural Art Projects / Artists Projects Commissions

A number of artists are either invited or selected through an open call, to live and produce new work in relation the particular context of a village. The villages are chosen in collaboration with social movement Rural Platform. The commission grants include the provision of a local connection agent, a production budget of up to 4000 E per project, artist fees and on-site accommodation and working space. The programme encourages and assists the insertion of the artist into the everyday life of the village. The duration of the stay goes from two weeks to two months.

Twenty-two projects have been commissioned between 2010 and 2014. The resulting works are of very different nature but share an emphasis on open, context-based collaborative processes, and focus on socio-political and economical transformative art practices which empower and respond to diverse current rural situations.

The methodologies, processes and final outcomes of each project are documented and evaluated through INLAND´s blogs, fora and publications,  aiming to set reference points for future interventions.

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